Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pro-anorexia page make me sick!!

Disebabkan aku masukkan entri pasal anorexia, aku pun search la internet skit dan do some blog walking..tetiba aku bump dengan satu site ni .. Dalam blog ni banyak menceritakan mengenai isu-isu yang menarik perhatian golongan-golongan yang terlalu obses dengan badan yang kurus..They encouraging each other how to skip to get beautiful 'gap' betweet their make me sick!!

Setiap tahun ramai orang yang mati sebab terdorong dengan page2 seperti ini yang membawa kepada penyakit psikologi anorexia. Semakin aku membaca blog tu i felt pity for girls like them..Membaca komen2 mereka membuatkan aku terfikir there is somethng wrong with this world..It worst then overweight problem..

Ada banyak story about girls who died from anorexia..aku bagi link je la..malas nak copy n translate

Anorexia websites helped drive a 13-year-old to suicide

Died after 16 year anorexia battle

Dalam skinny gossip banyak entri mengutuk model-model plus size dan marah tindakan industri fesyen dunia memboikot model-model yang terlalu kurus..

Antara komen-komen yang buat aku rasa marah :

Ana : This is where I’m at now. I’ve been really disciplined (101.6 lbs) and am determined to finally achieve my goal weight (92-95 lbs) My waist is 24 inches. I’ve dreamed of having a 22 inch waist.

Fili : The best way to lose weight is watching your eating habits, sports is sorta overrated. I´m not saying working out is unimportant, but it´s not as important as your calorie intake.

Abbey: As for making your thighs smaller, what works for me is CUTTING OUT FAT and not over-working-out. making your thighs too toned will result in the loss of the precious gap. If you don’t have a gap yet, work for it! Check every morning in the mirror, and let this be the motivation for the day. What I’ve found is that skinny girls with a lot of muscle have almost no gap, while skinny girls with less muscle have awesome gaps
le chevrefeuille: i miss my skinny days; this time last year i had a 22 inch waist and was 90 lbs. now i’m 105 lbs and 24 inch waist and gross huge bum. this is thinspo enough for me to shed that 15 lbs.

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