Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sakit kepala!!!

Today i had a really terrible head ache..Tak tau kenapa..Maybe with all the stress dari office dan personal make me all stressed out. Rasa cam nak meletup ke kepala ni. Nak kira tarikh, makin hari makin dekat tapi cam banyak jer yang tak settle lagi. And to talk about money..ish..tok sah citer. Everyday im thinking about money. Duit makin kurang, tapi cam banyak jer lagi belum beli. Honeymoon pakej dah beli dah masa Matta fair. I'll be going to Phuket. Tapi benda lain banyak lagi yang tak settle. People keep asking why do i look so dull, the fact is makin dekat masa nak kawin makin banyak masalah. Time ni la kita pikir..are we making the right decision to get married? Are we making the right choice? Are we going to be happy ever after? or this is just what every couple dealing with. But i think, there is no such thing as happy ever after. People will change as we know them to much. Wht we had past few years ago will not be the same as wht we gonna have the next few years. Thts the fact that we need to face. Susahkan.. Dont ever think wht is infront us is the one that will make u happy for the rest of your life. Bila kita dah buat keptusan bukan mudah untuk kita tarik balik. Tak mungkin kita boleh patah balik masa and forget about everything. Just one thing to say..its not easy to get married.

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