Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fish Spa!!

Me and Sharon The Edge. Cool!!

Lihat lah ikan ikan mengerumuni kaki ku!!!

Today i had a special treat from Celcom. They launching a new product tapi before the event, they gave us the best pampering ever. First, i had my leg been eaten by dozens of small fish. The fish spa of coz!!Geli ok!! But after ten minutes, everything went so nice. After that i had a foot massage. That part, SAKIT!!. Yang tak best nyer, reporter The Edge kat sebelah kena urut ngan mamat hensem. i dapat Cina tua!! Benci tau. Lepas tu plak, make over sesion!!. Buat lucky draw, and i got a scalp treatment from La' Mode. They wash and blow my hair. The best part is, we had fine dining at exclusive Carat Club. Hmm..nyum, nyum!! Thank U Celcom!!

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